About me


What's up, Darlin? 

... Don't worry, that's the only time I'll use that line! 

Daring Darling started in mid-2018, after I (Chris - You can read more about me below) decided to push past my fears and have a little self-belief. That's how all good businesses are started, right? With guts! 

The business idea was simple: Package all the creative marketing services I have previously offered to the people I know, and put it in front of a community of like minded, driven business owners I'm yet to meet. The criteria? All the services must be something I’m experienced with, and something I feel is worthwhile for the future of YOUR business. 

But what about the name, Daring Darling? It kind of sums me up perfectly... A little gutsy (you gotta be to do marketing), a little girly, and a sucker for alliteration. 

I'm Christine Stucki…

A 5'1 West Auckland marketing creative, writer, and small business owner. Obsessed with: Cats (mostly my own two), Japanese raman, and online shopping. I've been causing daring mayhem since 1989. 

So what brings me to here? Well post-studies, a testing year of debilitating anxiety, and the previous 8 working my way up the ladder, I discovered that I have a lot to give. Clients have followed me around, friends have called on me for creative assistance to get their businesses up and running, and now this is a service that I’m putting in front of you - a small business owner, who's owning everything but their creative marketing. I'm a jack of all trades and pride myself in this, but don't ask me to fix the drains (Kmart furniture assembly, however). 

A bit more about me... 

My three top values: 

  • Kindness

  • Respect

  • Integrity

My Myers-Briggs:
ESFJ ("The Consul") 

What does a general weeknight look like? 
Snacking on something cheeky (see: chocolate), cat curled up, scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration to add to my manifestation board. I'm a big believer in defining your dreams, and this is something that keeps me on task at all times. Either that or online shopping, but please don't tell my partner!

For the past 7 years I've run my own fashion and beauty blog, Ruby Fearless, so it's quite common for me to be at an event one evening (it's a hard life), and if not, I'm upskilling on the latest e-commerce marketing for my baby, Lucky Girl Tees. How do I fit it all in? Passion drives me forward, and being a stubborn wee thing doesn't hurt. 

What are my dreams? 
My mum raised my sister and I on her own, and her only wish was to make strong, independent women. Knowing she's definitely done that, I simply want to make her proud while making my own defined mark on the world. It doesn't need to be big (in fact, I'd love the opportunity to provide for a small community of like-minded individuals), but it needs to be worth it for everyone involved. I want to be the role-model to my children (yet to come) like mum was to me. 

What lights me up? 
Listening to people talk about (and action) something they're truly passionate about; seeing their eyes alight, and bellies fired up! There's something special when an adult does what the child version of themselves would approve of, and I'd love to see more humans living this way. That's my goal, anyway.